Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i don't realize at all.

I was realize after a few day ago, i was receive an email from blog who wrote comment on my blog, they find a deaf for the Linux, I guess, i have to make a new blog, which terminal, and sudo newer version, etcc.

I will do explain the exact detail.

thanks, please send all the message to who have own linux, or whenever. thanks.

Monday, April 25, 2011

How compare between windows and Linux?

I like to write this an article for spend a dollars from your pockets.

Windows have a lots of spend the credit, by under the Microsoft, and plus you have to buy computer or laptop into a store. some cheap, or expensive. but Linux is a great for you to useful.

Linux is a guarantee FREE. you don't have a buy this Linux expensive. it is a certainly FREE.

How you can see the compare between windows and linux.

 here is an picture.

there are expensive of spend a dollars from your pocket. why a waste of this money?

so better try it a use Linux.

 I am recommend for the beginner to install on your computer.


Simply three things to do.

2.Burn the write ISO image to CD/DVD or USB
3.Install the dual boot whens startup.
That's all. How is an awesome, isn't?

Why am i pick a linux over windows?

Here's an simply article, link-- http://www.whylinuxisbetter.net/

The reason mainly, i pick a Linux caused i am really tired of a VIRUSES. Linux do have the more secure and hardly to get a virus. Linux is better choice.

New Blog for deaf

I am really excite to make new a blog for deaf, in which a Linux Tutorial for deaf, i am sure. i will have some give to them a learning from Linux Operating System, which is not same how the compare from Windows or MacOS.

I am really looking forward to another new a blog. thanks.

I hope you enjoy this blog.